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Dvm Development was started in 2014 by Dale van Moerkerken. Back then Dale worked full time as a lead developer and in his spare time worked on freelance development projects. After 7 years of working in Agency environments, in 2020 Dale decided to make Dvm Development his priority and decided to open Dvm Development as an Online Marketing company. 


Dvm Development hires freelance partners to assist with any work that we do not handle in-house. This makes us highly dynamic. We can take on any work that is needed. Only certified and trusted partners are used. Dvm development guarantees 100% effectiveness from all work from our partners. 

We are a in house all in one online marketing resource. We offer a range of services from design, development, online marketing, branding to video. We pride ourselves on fast delivery but also in making sure that its the best bang for your buck. We are people and brand driven which makes our goals align with yours.  

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