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Post Website / New Client Prices without Maintenance 

The prices are for any clients that need changes made to software and content maintenance that aren’t on a maintenance retainer with Dvm Development. Retainers will be charged monthly on debit order. 


Additional changes and development    

450 Per Hour 


Website: Training

Training on CMS. Training provided for up to 1 to 2 people.  

2 hour session R1,350.00 Hourly rate starts over 2 hours


Video Tutorial 

Personalised video and voice-over of your CMS build

R1, 350.00


Manual Online 

Manual with Images and descriptions of your CMS build   

R1, 800.00



Email related setup and maintenance     

R450 Per Hour 


Per Email Creation

R100 Per Hour 


Posts / Blogs / News

Archive and Single Posts



Per Post Creation



Domain / Hosting Transfer and Email setup

Account Creation for Domain and Hosting under users details. Transfer and Backup restoration.

R1, 350.00 


Monthly Maintenance Packages 

There are 3 types of packages to choose from.  There are two choices, 6 month and 1-year contracts (Month to month contracts will need to be discussed). 


Please note that monthly retainers do not include design elements and will need to be requested.


These are starting Rates, each retainer will be looked at separately depending on the amount of work needed. 


Monthly Site Software maintenance.

Websites have software and plugins that need to stay up to date to keep up with growing security threats and the latest coding trends. Software maintenance makes sure that your website stays up to date and runs efficiently.  


  • CMS software updates & software maintenance.
  • Browser compatibility Updates.
  • Analytics and Tag Manager Updates.
  • Redirections.
  • Server maintenance and updates.
  • Weekly Check for & run security updates.
  • Weekly Check for & run WordPress patches.
  • Website back up and storage ( Monthly ).
  • Admin Support.
  • Hosting Support.
  • Security and Malware Scan.


R750.00 per month  


Monthly Site Content Maintenance.

Websites need content updates from time to time. Such as phone numbers changed and services added. Content maintenance makes sure that you can add content where ever whenever for a set fee so that your website is up to date and current with your business. ( Please note that this applies to existing pages and elements. New pages and elements will be quoted separately. )


  • Content additions
  • Page updates
  • Post updates
  • Email Setup
  • Product / Catalogue / Price Updates
  • Image Updates
  • Updates Browser compatibility  
  • Style Sheet amends  
  • Admin Support 


R950.00 per month (1 Hour per Month) 


R1350.00 per month (3 Hours per Month) 


Monthly Site Software and Content maintenance. 

Websites have software and plugins and content changes are updated. This is a combination of the two above retainers. 


R1500.00 per month (3 Hours per Month)



All time is clocked carefully and is recorded to a client portfolio. A breakdown of time will be given with the invoice. Payment needs to be made by the 25th day of the month that the changes are made. If a payment is missed monthly maintenance will not be credited for the following month. An invoice will be sent every month on the 24th. If payment is not made at all for changes made within one month if invoicing all changes will be deleted from said website. 


Does not include additional elements which may require outsourcing. All prices include VAT.


The above is based on the current brief, should the brief change, the cost estimate will be adjusted.


If maintenance hours are met a new contract needs to be drawn up. If maintenance hours are met with no contract an hourly rate will be imposed. Clients will be informed on time taken as the monthly changes are made. 

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