Our Team

Dale van Moerkerken

Full Stack Developer and Owner of DVM Development

Dale has been developing websites for 10 years, he is mostly a front end developer but has the knowledge to work with backend environments. Being full-stack means that you get the best of a designer and developer. So you end up with a project that has a scope of 360 degrees. UI / UX is the most important thing to Dale but not above customer service. Dales goal is to generate work that sustains itself and our clients. 

Joel Magic

Online Marketing Expert

Trained & qualified marketing specialist with over 7 years of digital experience.

He connects with clients who are looking for exactly what you are offering: that’s the beauty of Google Ads. If you’re looking to enter new markets, we can operate through the Meta (formerly Facebook) advertising network.

Contact us for a complimentary digital audit and to see if we’re a good match.

Shane van Moerkerken

Sales and Client Services

With over 8 years years of industry experience overseeing new account developments. His passion lies in working with people and in commercial environments that focus on delivering customer success and generating growth. Shane is ready to develop and sustain strong partner relationships by delivering superior management consulting services, from onboarding to success.

David Basson

Backend / App Developer

David Basson is our systems guru, programming to make complex tasks simpler and designing elegant solutions by creating, maintaining, testing, and debugging the entire back end of your system. He is well versed in development frameworks, and has knowledge in multiple languages and API systems. David has extensive experience in developing apps and has built systems for the likes of Massmart and financial institutions. David has been part of the team for four years now and has proved to be incredibly valuable

Josh Moulton

Junior Developer

Josh may be a junior but he is definitely hands on and a vital part of the team.  He is currently studying …. He has previously interned at The no nonsense group for 1 year under the leadership of Dale. He has worked on 3D interactive projects for Cool Cut Caps and has a thorough understanding of WordPress and content management systems. He is a very quick learner and works incredibly well with others. He is key to the team in helping us stay on track. 

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