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We are proud to present our new website. We have been working on a new look and feel for the website for some time now. We are happy that you are taking the time out of your day to explore our new website.


All websites need a facelift from time to time. Websites also need to be maintained in order to function. Our analogy is comparing a website to a vehicle. As a car gets older it needs to be serviced and maintained in order to run correctly. The older it gets the more it needs maintenance and sometimes it’s about time to trade it in for a new version.


Websites are somewhat the same. The web is forever changing, updating the way code is written and how it works. Any website with a theme or plugin will have those aspects updated so that they work with current web formats and stay secure. This means that sometimes there are conflicts and sometimes sites go down all together. It could even be the case where a plugin or theme is no longer maintained.  


This is where we step in. We can offer software maintenance and update retainers for you and take care of your current site. We can also suggest a completely new build if you need one.


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