Writing a good brief.

This briefing form is based on what you would like to achieve with your new website.. It is to give
a clear and concise idea of what you are looking for.


If you can answer as many of the options as possible you will most likely end up with a more accurate result in half the expected time.

The Brief:

1. What are the main objectives?

  • Who would you like to target?
  • What is your unique offering?
  • Create awareness about your or another organisation?
  • Build a community?
  • Online shopping?
  • Streamline existing processes (eg. product quotes and invoicing)


2. What are the main activities you want users to perform?


  • Does it need an online shopping portal?
  • What call to action does it need to have?
  • Does it need to have a newsletter subscription?
  • Is the site going to be updated regularly by the owner or by the developer?
  • Do you need a blog or article section?


3. How many pages will be needed – ( Navigation tabs )


  • Home
  • About
  • Shop
  • News
  • Contact us


4. What do you offer?

  • What are your core services?
  • What are your other services?


5. Is there an idea or design that can be used as an example?

  • Do you have example links or websites?
  • Do you have an idea of what you would like?
  • What kind of look are you going for? (corporate, funky, flowery?)

6. Specific details.

  • Do you have a deadline?
  • Do you have a budget to stick to?
  • Do you have high-resolution images available or will I need to source images?


Once a brief has been placed together we will need a logo that is high resolution and preferably a transparent png. If there isn’t a logo one can be created. We will need a company profile or an idea of headings as well as subheadings or content.


All websites are on content management systems. This means that the owner of the website has access to the backend of the website and can easily change content on the website as well as add content such as news, articles, products and images.

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